This is also an RPL. It is for people who has completed all required training or a person who has never been trained but is an artisan (section 28) but meets all the requirements by the Merseta to qualify. This person will be given an informal but complete trade test and should be found competent practically without assistance. This is also done in 2 days.

Trade Test Assessments

1. What are the requirements for section 28?

For the up to date section 28 trade test requirement please click here.

2. The difference between a Merseta Trade Test and Olifantsfontein Trade Test?

There is no difference because the trade test itself is exactly the same, the only difference is Merseta will give its own qualification (red seal) and Olifantsfontein qualification is issued by the department of labour.

3. The difference between a Learnership and an Apprenticeship?

A apprenticeship is a minimum of 80 Weeks (40 Weeks Institutional training – 40 Weeks Practical training) with a maximum of 4 years. An agreement between the candidate, SETA  and the employer. A trade test will be written after the completion of formal training.

A leanership is a 3 year qualification, with NQF Level 2, 3, 4. Qualification will be awarded for each level. There is no trade test involved after the completion of Level 4. On each level there is 60% institutional training and 40% on the job training. There is a 4 way contract between employer, learner, training provider, and SETA.

4. What Setas do we deal with?

Merseta, EWseta, Teta, Ceta, DoL

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