Skills Development Facilitator Services

The Skills Development Facilitator role is crucial in enabling the raising of skills levels within an organisation. When organisations collectively raise their skills levels it contributes nationally to the overall global competitiveness of the country.

MCD Training SDF Services skills development facilitator

The functions of a skills development facilitator are to:

  • assist the employer and employees to develop a workplace skills plan
  • submit the workplace skills plan to the relevant SETA;
  • advise the employer on the implementation of the workplace skills plan;
  • assist the employer to draft an annual training report on the implementation of the workplace skills plan
  • advise the employer on the quality assurance requirements set by the SETA;
  • act as a contact person between the employer and the sector SETA; and
  • serve as a resource with regard to all aspects of skills development.

MCD Training Centre offers this service n request: Contact Sakkie Wiese or email:

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