Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

  • Identify what a person knows and can do
  • Match the knowledge, skills and experience to associated assessment criteria of qualifications and/or unit standards
  • Assess learning against those standards theoretically and practically
  • Credit person for skills, knowledge and experience irrespective of how such learning was obtained.

RPL Criteria

  • Trained personnel, Assessors and Moderators to be registered.
  • Evidence Facilitator and Assessor preferable to be different persons

Learner Support

  • Pre-assessment advice
  • Identification of barriers
  • Preparation for the assessment process
  • Career planning
  • Appeal Process

Learner guidence and support procedure

  • The right to a fair and transparent process
  • Access to trained and competent staff skills in working with diverse groups of adult learners
  • The right to be assessed using assessment methods which are flexible and appropriate to the subject and tailored to the needs of the candidate.
  • Pre-assessment inclusive of how learner will be screened to ascertain viability of application for RPL should be clearly articulated.
  • Screening to be followed by pre-assessment and should deal with how the candidate is introduced to the process of assessment and the support services available regarding the collation of evidence.

Management of RPL assessment procedure

  • Planning Phase
  • Assessment Phase
  • Assessment Judgement Phase
  • Assessment Feedback Phase
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