We Are Getting Strong

MCD Training Centre Pty Ltd has been in training business since 2001. Our existence coincides with the existence of the Seta’s (Sector Education and Training Authorities). Talking about the Setas, MCD is accredited by many Setas with Merseta as a primary accreditation body. We started off small with only Six (6) people on our payroll but in 2010 were over 100 employees. Every now and then MCD has been able to grow its wings by either number of employees, branches or accreditations.

We now have additional accreditations on our scope, which are Millwright and Instrumentation Mechanic. CETA : National Certificate: Community House Building ID24273CETA: National certificate: Construction Plant Operations ID 65789
As you may know, we are accredited as Decentralised Trade Test Centre. So I guess you will agree with me that in these 20 years of training business we have been getting stronger.


One of our success secrets is the emphasis and attention we put on our quality of training, assessment and material. Without this mix, we would be just like any other training centre. People are our product, so we strive to ensure the highest output so far as training is concerned.

South African Context

In South Africa, technical skills are identified as lacking, and there are those that are said to be scares skills. We at MCD are proud to mention that we address some of those namely, Instrument Mechanic and CNC – Basic operators training. We also address the most popular technical skills in manufacturing environment. We are therefore a proud contributor to closing the skills gaps in South Africa; hence our motor is closing the gap.


MCD is the most flexible training provider, addressing clients’ needs at all times. We have training solutions that are tailor made to customer specifics including development of site specific material. We have Research & Development team that looks after our customers’ needs, more over we have a very professional staff that looks after our customers. A fourteen years relationship with customers such as DMS Powders says a lot about how we feel about our clients.

We at MCD are “Closing the Gap”

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